Some recent managers, colleagues and team members recommended me:

Colleague @ John Ryan
"Ted is a talented creative director whose work is always fresh, clever and driven. With an excellent command of his craft, Ted is highly skilled in a range of projects — print, digital, web and more. A natural at directing projects and teams, encouraging others to deliver superior results for the satisfaction of all stakeholders."
Team member @ John Ryan
"Ted has an in-depth understanding of how to execute complex animation sequences with a plethora of different frameworks, applications and/or resources."
Colleague @ Connexions
“You can tell that he really understand usability, design, and the related technical concepts. Having Ted on the team immediately reduced the burden on other developers including leaving the system in a better state than when he started.“
Director @ Hook & Loop
“He grew our in-house development staff to double digits and to great results. The team he built is dynamic, well-balanced across skill sets, and comprised of truly interesting and talented individuals – all led with Ted’s technical skill and compassion.”
Team member @ Hook & Loop
“Ted is the type of manager we should all thrive to become…he is truly the manager any technical/creative company should seek out.”
Team member @ Hook & Loop
"Ted more than doubled the H&L development team in size, taking care to find people who were problem-solvers first, collaborators second, and developers third. This made for a great work environment with incredibly intelligent and talented people."
Director @ Cosgrove Associates
“I was particularly impressed by his ability to distill complex technical concepts into their constituent parts, and recognize commonalities that could then be applied across a wide array of specialties.”

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