For samples of my visual work, including client work and personal projects, static and video, please visit my Behance page.

Work history overview

Notable Clients:
Geographic Locations:
  • Minneapolis and Eden Prairie, MN
  • New York City
  • Albany and Buffalo, NY
  • Seattle, WA
Types of Organizations:
  • Advertising agencies
  • Marketing companies
  • In-house advertising/marketing departments
  • Software and application developers

Types of projects

Responsive websites for consumers and businesses; dynamic and linear digital signage; linear and dynamic presentations; videos (including editing, motion graphics, animation and composing original music); interactive games and kiosks; enterprise software, including building demos, planning functionality, working with UI and UX teams, coding and testing

Code and Animation Samples

See the Pen Card Show by Ted Kusio (@DigitalWheelie) on CodePen.

See the Pen More Imperfect Circles by Ted Kusio (@DigitalWheelie) on CodePen.

For more, visit my CodePen page.

It includes demos of digital signage spots (that didn't need to be responsive) as well as other animation and graphics explorations. One of the biggest challenges for digital signage is that players are not as efficient as modern computers, so although animations would flow smoothly during development, they would get herky/jerky when playing on the low-end devices. One solution is to write "lo-fi" code that works in older browsers and on slower computers.

Video Samples

"Twilight Zoney" Welcome Video from DigitalWheelie on Vimeo.

Old Timey Spot from DigitalWheelie on Vimeo.

For more, visit my Vimeo page.

It includes videos like these two linear animation samples designed for portrait screens. There are also some older projects, for clients and for fun. I also created some video/code hybrids that included dynamic data.

Drawing and Design Samples

Gather, kids... GATHER! #drawing #typography

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Biked to work.

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This feed is for fun and exploration: drawing, design and photography. Some work makes it into formal projects, other times it's just to play, or try something clients don't want but I still want to see realized.

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