Conceive unique ideas and design look-and-feel to attract, delight and inform a target audience


Focus on front-end web development and animation, taking browser and device capabilities and limitations into account


Build and lead talented, diverse teams to be their best while collaborating, learning and growing

Greatest Hits

Career highlights and cool stuff

Built Departments,
Led Teams

Built and led new and diverse departments and teams at John Ryan, Connexions, Hook & Loop and Paragon Advertising

developed html5 digital signs

Developed first HTML5 digital signs for John Ryan and helped define the roadmap for future projects

connected design and development

Designed mockups that improved collaboration between client's vision and development teams at Connexions

New York Times Paywall

Designed and built digital marketing material to launch The New York Times' paywall - samples on Behance

Record-breaking Vogue Presentation

Designed and built a sales presentation at Vogue that led to a record number of advertisers - samples on Behance


Taught at universities and conferences; spoke on topics such as web animation and tech gender gap; here's a PDF of a recent talk on Web Animation given at Minnebar 2016

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