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What I Do

“So are you a designer
or a developer?”

Both. Neither. And much more.

I have worked as a designer or developer on many projects — sometimes both —but neither title describes me completely. I come up with ideas for digital projects that integrate the creative and technical aspects, as well as more global considerations such as marketing and demographics, in order to achieve the purpose of the project.

This means

  • Using social networking in an organic way for current users;
  • Building websites that help visitors achieve goals quickly and easily;
  • Offering tools and benefits to keep them coming back again and again;
  • Pushing the possibilities of mobile technology to take advantage of their power while also paring ideas down to match how they’re used; and
  • Creating new, different and crazy ideas that tell our clients’ stories better, engage customers, and make the sale.

The way to succeed is constantly evolving, so older models are no longer reliable, even if they seem to offer useful, quantifiable results. Will having a million Facebook fans increase sales, or is it just a big number that might intimidate an offline competitor?

Yesterday’s assumptions and habits are poisoning chances for long-term success, yet there’s no guaranteed antidote. The ‘change or die’ philosophy is proving itself on a daily basis. There are risks involved, and some people (internally and clients) may not be ready for this digital medicine. I have ideas on how to address this anxiety, but, well, one step at a time.

I have a vision and want to explore ways to create a cool fusion of what’s possible and what’s effective.